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Are you an academic trying to get published in a journal? Are you writing a book to demonstrate your knowledge of your area of expertise? Are you writing your thesis or dissertation, or would you like to make a book out of the manuscript you’ve already poured years of your life into? 

I only have a mere bachelor’s degree, but I’m married to Rob Howard, a professor at Purdue University: Robert Howard’s Professional Profile at Purdue University. He’s a clinical professor, but he’s found out his department still highly values publishing, even from clinicals. 

Thus, since coming to Purdue in 2019, Rob has published two books, and he’s working on a third. This is in addition to articles, papers, abstracts for conferences, and numerous grant applications. All of this has been crucial to his promotion to Associate Professor in 2024, a year or so earlier than typical for his position. 

I’ve been with Rob since 2004, since before he started grad school, and I’ve edited every important application and document he’s written since then. I dare say that I’ve helped him get jobs and promotions. Not that he isn’t a great writer already; he is. But he needs an editor (as we all do), and I’m his. He always says he couldn’t have his career without my support.

So, even though I’ve been vacillating for years about going to grad school, I do have inside knowledge on academia, how universities work, and the pressures academics face. I have also edited grant proposals and documents for professor friends in various departments. 

How can I help you?

I can help you plan/reorganize your manuscript (developmental/structural editing); I can make suggestions to improve your paragraph/sentence structure (line editing); I can copyedit your completed manuscript; and I can proofread your edited document as a final check before publication.

I’m familiar with APA, AP, and Chicago styles, but I’m happy to learn other styles or follow a house/personal style sheet. I also make style sheets for longer projects and include your preferences for consistency. 

ESL/Multilingual authors

As always, I specialize in helping authors and academics who are native speakers of languages other than English. I’m multilingual and I know how daunting and scary it can be to write in one’s second (or third, or fourth) language! 

My best foreign languages are Spanish, French, and Japanese, so I can be especially helpful to writers who speak or write about these languages. But even if you’re a speaker of another language, you can rest assured that I’ve worked with authors from many countries, including Korea, China, Turkey, India, the Philippines, and more. I’m an expert in ESL writing, and I appreciate and love serving ESL writers!

Email me!

Please send me an email at erica AT ericaedting DOT com, and tell me about your project. Let’s see how we can work together.