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Working with Erica has been an absolute pleasure! She has an eye for even the smallest details and knows exactly how to bring out the best in every sentence. She has a wonderful way of communicating. She always brings out the positive and is never condescending. This is important because — let’s be honest — authors can be very sensitive about their work!

Erica has never made me feel like I’ve been ”corrected.” In fact, after she’s edited my work I feel proud of what I’ve written, as if it’s been ”polished to perfection.” As long as Erica is in the business, she will be my editor! If you’re searching for an editor, you can stop right here, because I don’t believe that you’ll find anyone better.

-Lindsay Marcum, author of Just Below the Surface, a romance story found here.

I have nothing but praise for Erica’s talent and services. In the publication of my 2nd book, Erica was attentive, meticulous and helpful, communicating issues to me in a clear and precise manner. I’ve worked with different editors before, and she was hands-down the best of them all. I will be using her services in the future and would recommend that you do as well for any project you have in mind.

-Adam Pratt, author of Arcade Heroes — Arcade & Pinball Gaming Almanac: 2018/2019, available here.

For Spanish speakers (English translation below):

Soy investigadora en ciencias de la salud, por lo que mi trabajo requiere la publicación de los resultados obtenidos, para ello las publicaciones deben ser escritas en inglés, sin embargo mi lengua materna es el español, por lo que siempre es necesario que una persona de habla inglesa lo revise, en este sentido yo he tenido la experiencia de trabajar con Erica Howard.

La experiencia ha sido muy gratificante, ya que Erica es una persona que habla español, por lo que la comunicación ha sido muy fluida, yo le puedo explicar lo que quiero decir y ella no sólo lo busca en el contexto coloquial, sino en el científico, y siempre comprende lo que quiero transmitir, porque además de ser bilingüe ella se preocupa por ir más allá y conocer acerca del tema.

Erica es una traductora responsable, trabajadora y muy inteligente, que no se conforma con una traducción simple, sino sobresaliente del tema, tiene una amplio conocimiento del español y un inglés muy fino, por ello recomiendo ampliamente su trabajo.

-Dra. Katy A. Sánchez Pozos, Facultad de Química, UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)


I’m a health sciences researcher, so my work requires publishing results I find, which requires the publications to be written in English. However, my native language is Spanish, so it’s always necessary for an English speaker to proofread, and in this situation I’ve had experience working with Erica Howard.

The experience has been very gratifying, since Erica is a person who speaks Spanish, so communication flows easily. I can explain to her what I want to say and she researches it — not only in the colloquial context but also the scientific. She always understands what I want to get across, because in addition to being bilingual, she is concerned about going above and beyond and knowing more about the topic.

Erica is a responsible, hardworking and very intelligent translator who isn’t satisfied with a simple translation, but only an outstanding one. She has ample knowledge of Spanish and refined skills in English, which is why I highly recommend her work.

-Dr. Katy A. Sánchez Pozos, Chemistry Department, UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico)