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Malapropism Monday, Week 3

It’s a bit late here for today’s Malapropism Monday post due to today being Presidents Day — in the AP writing style there is no apostrophe — here in the US.

Today’s malapropism will be a short and quick one, because I’m tired after wrangling a couple of kids through the rain. Speaking of tiredness have you ever seen “weary” written in place of “wary”? I do all the time. People will say things such as, “I’m really weary of the new policies at work — I don’t think they’ll have a positive effect on absenteeism.” It’s not likely that you can be weary of a new policy, right? Weary means tired or fatigued. I suppose it’s possible, but not very likely.

The more apropos word in that situation would be “wary,” which means “watchful, cautious, or alert” according to It’s also possible that you could mean to say you’re “leery” of a policy, since leery means “suspicious” and is a synonym of “wary.” You could say I’m weary of seeing this error and wary whenever I see the word “weary,” and I’m leery of the misuse of these words!

Anyway, the reason my post is late today is because my family and I went to San Francisco since we all had the day off of work and school. We’ve only lived in the Bay Area for a few months, so there’s still a lot we haven’t seen here. There was rain all day long, so we didn’t spend as much time outside walking as we would have liked to, but we had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe (a family favorite anywhere in the world we can find one) followed by some walking around Pier 39 and a bit of driving tourism.

Here are a few photos from today:

Chinatown! We just drove through here but it looked fun.

The Transamerica Pyramid is the tall building in the background, enveloped by fog at the top. You could say I’m quite wary of the steep streets and crazy traffic in San Francisco and I irrationally fear we’re going to slide down the pavement! My husband became weary from driving with all the stops and starts.

Some pretty buildings and a church. Does anyone know what church this is?

Pier 39. There were a lot of cute-looking shops here, but the rain was too much. Before we decided to spend the day in San Francisco, I had expressed my leeriness of walking around in the rain, and my concern was well-founded. There was no shelter from the rain other than in the shops, and the shops didn’t have much room for a busy toddler, so we didn’t stay here too long after our Hard Rock lunch. I became weary of chasing the kids, who quite enjoyed running around in the downpour, and wary of them running off or getting sick from the wet, chilly weather.

One of the old-fashioned street trolleys. Adorable!



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