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Typo Tuesday, Week 6

Wow, I’ve kept this up pretty well so far! I have no shortage of typos to go through but it does take time to actually make the posts and comment about the screenshots.

For today I have some simple mistakes — nothing too in depth.

This one is simple; it says “Sing Up For A Free Demo.” Of course they mean to say “Sign Up” instead. They also misspelled “management.” I liked the site overall when I used it before so I covered up the information that would tell you exactly which site it is (that’s why the empty boxes are there).


This one is from when I searched for Walking Dead comics on a great site for borrowing digital media through our local library: Hoopla has enormous amounts of media available, but apparently whoever did the input of some of these titles was rather careless. Notice the top entry that says “hispers into screams.” That is supposed to be “Whispers into Screams” and even the series title “The Walking Dead” needs to be capitalized. The same is true of the other comic titles listed in the screenshot.

Come on, guys — you’re part of the library system! Step up your game, please! Good thing I wasn’t searching for that specific subtitle… There are a few other possible punctuation issues as well, but since it’s a database I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one. They should at least spell and capitalize the titles correctly!

This one is from the British tabloid site Daily Mail. If you’ve ever read that site, you know that finding typos, grammatical errors, factual errors, and all kinds of other mistakes there is like shooting fish in a barrel, but just this once I’ll include a basic one that any spell checker would have caught.

You probably already saw the typo, but it’s a misspelling of “pink” as “pnik.” This site is a guilty pleasure of mine when I’m bored and procrastinating, but pretty much every article there has at least one error. If I got a job proofreading for the site, it would have to be a full-time job. Even I still read it, though!

So that’s it for today. There will be more next Tuesday if not sooner. I do have some more substantial articles in the works for you! Between my day job and my family I have a lot to do around here, so I have to pace myself. We’re also preparing for our upcoming trip to Japan, which is just over a month away! So exciting!





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