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Typo Tuesday

Typo Tuesday, Week 8

Happy Tuesday! Well, by the time most of you read this, it’ll be Wednesday or later because it’s evening here in California. I have a good excuse: I had braces applied today and I had a doctor appointment, on top of the usual work and activities.

Because of that, today’s entry will be short and simple. In fact, I came across these typos while reading a short news article during my daughter’s nap. This article is about a 500 kg woman named Eman Ahmed who was flown to India for weight loss surgery. Here’s a link to the original article.

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Typo Tuesday, Week 6

Wow, I’ve kept this up pretty well so far! I have no shortage of typos to go through but it does take time to actually make the posts and comment about the screenshots.

For today I have some simple mistakes — nothing too in depth.

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Typo Tuesday, Week 5

Happy Tuesday evening! It’s time for another edition of Typo Tuesday. For this week’s entry, I’d like to present some screenshots from companies that offer proofreading and editing services. Yes, that’s correct.

I have well over a decade of experience copyediting and proofreading for two companies as well as even more experience helping out friends and family, but I haven’t done much freelance work for individuals I don’t know already. The freelance work I have done was paid hourly, but it seems that a lot of clients prefer to pay by the word or by the page. I wanted to do some research on what other freelance proofreaders charge when they charge by the unit rather than by the hour.

What I found was… interesting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that even proofreaders need proofreaders, and I’m sure there will eventually be errors on Lee the Linguist (if there aren’t already). However, I was rather shocked by how often I found errors on websites selling proofreading services, and even more surprisingly, on the pages where they stress the importance of having your work proofread!

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Typo Tuesday, Week 4

My MS Word document full of typos is so long, I’m going to start adding at least two screenshots per entry for Typo Tuesday. At some point I may run low and change that, but I doubt it will happen soon because I come across typos all the time.

First up for today, we have another entry from the Wordfast CAT (computer-assisted translation) software I checked out before a job interview.

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Typo Tuesday, Week 2!

Welcome back to another edition of Typo Tuesday! I have a long Word document full of typo screenshots I’ve taken recently, but today’s post comes indirectly from a comment I received on yesterday’s post. The comment was about the ubiquitous misuse of the word “literally,” and in finding an article to add to my response, I came across not one, not two, but three typos in a small section of the article I found.

Keep in mind, I only skimmed the article, so there may be even more errors I didn’t notice — and there probably are more errors to find if I was able to find three in just a small area. I took a screenshot of the section where the first typo popped out at me, and in the process of cropping the picture, I noticed two more! Can you find them? I’ll post the original screenshot and then the same shot with boxes around the typos. Here we go…

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Typo Tuesday!

One thing I’ve noticed about some blogs is that they have a theme for a particular day of the week. I’ve decided to try out “Typo Tuesday” to demonstrate the eagle eye I have for finding typos everywhere I go. A few months ago I even started keeping a Word document with screenshots of typos I find. It’s already quite a lengthy list, and I only take a screenshot if I find a typo in a serious, mainstream, non-message board website. If I didn’t set these limits, I’d never have time for anything else! Read More »Typo Tuesday!